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katieana fanitos filmwitch-tennyson or katie tennyson for short is the leader of k army and k army alien force. she loves being a filmwitch she is a anodyte and a bearer of her own omnitrix but she not just katie she kayleigh tracy bloomfield a school girl at the school manchester creatvie and media acadamey for girls. Katie started the show wearing a blue dress, cape and hat, she also had blue eyes and blonde hair but has changed to her now look.

Her pastEdit

In Katie's past she picked Ben Tennyson over Zak and became a heros girlfriend. Having kids with him and then marrying him but Alien Force Ben Tennyson stole Katie's heart from Ben and now Katie has a crush on AF Ben. She took over the omniverse from her mother and with the omnitrix saved the omniverse or so she fort
11 year old katie

katie in her flashblack

Her nowEdit

Katie now is 14 and a plumber and the protecter of the omniverse with Ben, James and AF Ben. When the Duke of Zill attacks anywhere in the omniverse she will come and save the omniverse once again but when her other loverboy AF Ben falls Pregnant it holds the gang back for 9 months and when she has her family life to sort out she gets held back so much

Katie age 14



love IntrestEdit

Ben Tennyson

Alien force Ben Tennyson

Albedo Galvan

James O'Mahony

her futureEdit

Its belived she will become queen and save her race the filmwitches from a death